Seville, Spain

Cadiz (Seville) Spain is a coastal city in southwestern Spain in the region of Andalusia and the capital of the province of Cadiz. It’s a mid-size community – Cheryl and I left the ship at 8am with nothing but our walking shoes and returned at 4pm. We probably walked 10 miles through the city, the beach front, a beautiful city park, and several small shops located on narrow, cobblestone streets. We found the city to be quite charming, friendly, and very clean. My only regret and I’m sure that of Cheryl’s, is that our Spanish & French vocabulary is extremely limited – just asking for a Men’s Room was very challenging – we did a lot of pointing and used hand gestures as best we could. If I had to share any advice for prospective travelers to Spain & France – learn the language basics before you go!! Our brief trip through the Mediterranean has been very educational as well as awe-inspiring – very beautiful countries with stunning scenery and very rich in history.