Sea Day

The photos posted on yesterday’s update were taken prior to the Black & Silver Ball. As I mentioned, the function itself didn’t begin until 10pm and because of the late hour & football playoff games being broadcast, we didn’t attend. You’re still required to dress ‘appropriately’ for the evening if you plan to be in any of the public areas other than the Lido on deck #8, thus the formal attire.


Dinner was painfully slow – it took nearly 90 minutes for our entrees to arrive – highly unusual. We’re very fortunate we enjoy the company of our tablemates as it made the time go by much quicker. As we have the entire trip, we both skipped dessert. I don’t believe either of us have gained any weight yet – we’ve been very careful what we eat, and when. Cheryl will probably be able to maintain her discipline – I may only make it a few more days!


As we typically do right after dinner and before the 8pm show, we go directly from the dining room to the Piano Bar and listen to Debby Bacon play the piano. Debby and her hubby Ron are good friends of ours from last year – a link to her video can be found on our home page. She’s a very talented entertainer – piano, vocals, sax, & flute – she has quite a following of dedicated fans. After listening to Debby last evening, we stopped by the Sports Bar to watch the Broncos & Ravens, and then retired to our stateroom to watch the 49ers and Packers. That was it for the evening.


We started our day with a tour of the kitchen – see photos below. I’ve also included a listing of the food and drinks consumed on a WEEKLY basis here on the ship – pretty amazing numbers, and thought they may be of interest to you as well. Current # passengers = 1,103.


We attended our third (and last) instructional class on bridge-playing. Some of you may be avid bridge players and I mean no disrespect here. In fact, if you ARE, I take my hat off to you. It’s a very difficult card game to learn and even more challenging to play effectively. Our instructor, who is very bright, told us today we’d receive close to 50 instructional handouts before the end of the cruise. He also told us there’s quite a lengthy rulebook on the game – so many different rules to learn, not to mention the confusing vocabulary involved! It’s just not fun us – if you can’t learn what we thought would be a fun game in a matter of a few minutes, why learn?? Just for the sake of learning something new – I can understand that – but there are far too many other ‘fun’ things to do right now – maybe some other time.


Weekly food consumption:


Meat & Meat Products

8,500     lbs


3,814     lbs


1,875     lbs


2,575     lbs

Butter & Margarine

1,175     lbs

Fresh Vegetables

12,500   lbs


4,750     lbs

Water Melon

1,800     lbs


500       qts

Ice Cream

200       glns


18,040   pcs

Sugar Packages

20,000   pcs


2,100     lbs


2,850   lbs

Assorted Sodas

262     cases

Assorted Beers

232       cases

Champagnes & Sparkling Wines

450     btls

Assorted Wines

1,636  btls


280       cases