Easter Island

Easter Island Arrival


It’s 2:00am – Easter Island is straight ahead approximately 70 miles. Updated weather forecast is 60% chance of rain with a high of 80, & the Captain is “cautiously optimistic” we’ll be able to anchor in one of three designated locations around 6:00am – great news for us & for many first-time visitors!


Yesterday was a terrific day – early breakfast, “Good Morning Amsterdam” at our usual 9:30, a travel lecture from 10-11 (French Polynesia) & a card game before lunch. Cheryl and I have now played 19 games of 500-point Rummy…she’s still ahead 10 – 9!


We met a wonderful couple from Sacramento – Herb & Jane – I believe I’ve mentioned them before? We’ve been playing cards with them up in the Crow’s Nest every afternoon on sea days from 1:30–3:00pm. Our games consist of Hearts, Thirty-One, & Oh Hell. Great folks – a lot of fun – they both have a great sense of humor. We don’t play for money, but rather we bet the chocolate mints the room steward’s place on your pillow each evening. I’ve been eating the winnings so we may have to start using toothpicks pretty soon!


At 3:30, a pool party was held out back – a few hundred in attendance. We had no TV reception (& still don’t) for reasons I mentioned yesterday. Many football fans on the ship but obviously no playoff games could be seen. Our daughter, Renee, and her hubby, Adam, came to our rescue! While we were at the pool party, Renee would text me updates whenever a team scored – I would share the information with the Cruise Director and he would then make announcements on the PA system – it was a great party, and wouldn’t have been complete without the updates from Renee – (thanks, Sweetie, you made a lot of folks very happy).


The pool party ended about 5:30 – we were both feeling the ‘fun’ and decided to have a casual dinner on deck #8 (Lido) and call it a night. I was in bed by 6:30 – not sure what time Cheryl turned the lights out, and haven’t seen her yet this morning – after all, most NORMAL people are still sleeping!


PM UPDATE…(coming)