Sea Day

I was having coffee next to the aft pool this morning at 5:00 and was pleasantly surprised when Cheryl joined me, pictured above. She typically sleeps until 7:00 but with several time changes this week, she along with many folks are having a difficult time sleeping past sunrise. It was very nice to be able to spend time together and watch the sun come up on another day – she’s the love of my life!




It’s 3:00am on Sunday morning – we dock in Papeete, Tahiti in 4 hours. Since our voyage began January 5th, we’ve spent very little time on land as you’ve read, and 16 days at sea. Port activity picks up starting today, and not too soon! Everyone enjoys the relaxation of sailing, but folks are starting to get restless now. We began changing our clocks this past Monday, and have adjusted them back 1 hour each night. I’m typically one of the first passengers to wake, but for the past few days it hasn’t been unusual for me to run into several folks upstairs looking for that first cup of coffee!


Rummy games: Bob 12, Cheryl…… 11 J FINALLY!! As we were preparing for bed last night, I emerged from the shower only to find the curtains pulled and my pillows & blanket on the couch in the other room! She was kind enough, however, to place a chocolate mint on my pillow! There’s definitely a competitive spirit in the family – the kids are the same way! I’ll be able to gloat & wallow on this recent victory for a few days because we won’t have any time to play cards until the middle of the week!