As mentioned in my last update, the Captain warned us that we may not be able to stop (on Thursday) in Rarotonga because of a weather disturbance left behind by the recent typhoon (Gaary), and as you can see from the photos below, he was right. We had a miserable night of sailing the evening before, and as we arrived at the mouth of the harbor, yet another storm was brewing and within a few minutes, swallowed the entire island. The Captain said we would wait 1 hour and give the situation a chance to improve, but the winds intensified to 40mph and the swells were coming at us from every direction. He reluctantly informed us it was entirely too dangerous to attempt ‘tendering’ to shore, and we immediately set sail for New Zealand. The weather for the balance of the day and into the evening continued wet and quite turbulent, with seas between 12 & 16’.

One photo sequence I failed to share with you from Bora Bora was a group of local teenagers with their kayaks chasing our ‘tender’ boats as they transported passengers between the pier & the ship. You can see below they had quite a time – many were successful in capturing the ‘tenders’ wake and riding it for several hundred yards both ways! The guys were actually very talented and kept several of us entertained! The Captain was not too happy because of obvious safety concerns, but port enforcement was very weak here with very few officials to keep the kayakers away.