Marti Gras On The Ship!

Earlier this week, deck 8 (normally the forward pool & hot tubs) was transformed into a replica of Bourbon Street & a Marti Gras celebration. Construction crews actually closed the deck and worked for 2 days & 2 nights (around the clock) in shifts to accomplish this feat. We were told this was to be quite an extravagant event but nothing prepared us for what we were about to participate in. On Wednesday evening at 5pm, the doors were finally opened to passengers and it was truly like walking down Bourbon Street. Building fascia’s had been built, there were multiple cafes, street vendors, anything you can imagine! The crew dressed as Marti Gras clowns & there was even a special Marti Gras band flown in from New Orleans to play authentic Cajun music. The food of course was spectacular, and multiple bars had been set up with free beer, wine, & even hard liquor – no limit. The CEO, who joined us a day earlier in Pago Pago, was there with his wife and they were dressed just as crazy as everyone else – and I might add, partied just as much too! The festivities lasted well into the night/early morning – everyone had a wonderful time! Holland America, once again, is to be commended – everything they do is above & beyond for the comfort & enjoyment of their guests. The only thing they didn’t provide for us was a taxi to get home safely, so we just curled up on lounge chairs next to the pool and fell asleep under the stars! It was a perfect ending to a great celebration.