Sea Day


Meet Zander…an adorable, extremely well-mannered infant under two years of age! We’ve seen Zander and his parents (Ed & Ashley) many times in the dining room but had an opportunity to meet them this morning when they were poolside. Coincidentally, they are from Mooresville, North Carolina (a few miles north of Charlotte) and even more fluky, they live only a short distance from our second oldest daughter, Renee. What a small world! As you can imagine, Zander has won the hearts of all those with whom he’s come in contact with! Not your typical toddler, Zander has a wonderful disposition – always smiling, always happy, and rarely heard in formal dining scenarios. His parents are equally pleasant, and hope we are able to spend more time with them as the days pass. If you recall, our youngest passenger last year was a young lady, ten years of age.


I’m still trying to verify the oldest person on our voyage – last year we had a gal at 97. We have several north of 90, but not certain who wins the medal yet – I’ll keep you posted.


Weather improving...starting to see the sun again!