Sea Day - Marti Gras!

Our Mardi Gras celebration wasn’t nearly as festive as last year, but wasn’t planned to be. Nonetheless, fun was had by all & the decorations throughout the ship were great. Apparently, the ships BIG party is planned at some point between Australia and Bali. When Holland America plans a ‘BIG’ party, you can bet it will be done in grand fashion – they always go over the top, but for now, they’re keeping the theme and details under wraps.

Main Dining Room

Cheryl And Our Friend, Leslie

Room Steward 'Gusti' is Very Creative

Beautiful Sunset This Evening!

We continue to be blessed with good weather. The Captain advised us yesterday that we skirted a major storm overnight – outlook for the next few days remains to be good! We’ve been monitoring the manhunt in California, as well as the stranded ship in the Gulf. Our ship (the Amsterdam) is equipped with multiple backup systems because it’s used primarily for the World Voyage – the chances of an incident similar to what Carnival is experiencing is minimal, but of course, never say never. There’s a big difference between getting stranded a couple hundred miles from land in the Gulf vs. a couple thousand miles in the Pacific. We have two backup engines as well as backup generators. My personal opinion is that Carnival is handing the situation very poorly. They could easily charter high-speed ferry boats to reach the ship within hours instead of putting the passengers through the agony of being towed to shore – what are they thinking? Our thoughts & hearts go out to those folks.


UPDATE ON CARD GAMES: Cheryl: 16 wins…Bob: 15


Still on schedule and due to arrive in Sydney early Friday morning.