Sydney, Australia - Day 2

I was FINALLY able to meet some of Cheryl’s relatives who live here in the Sydney area! Pictured here is Aunt Helen, son Michael & his boy, daughter Katrina and her four children, and Uncle Ron. I found Helen to be a real sweetheart, Michael a very nice young man who works at the Sydney Convention Center doing audio visual, Katrina a gem like her mother who has four wonderful, very well-behaved kids, and Ron to be much like his sister Judi (my mother-in-law) – very personable, full of energy, and extremely nice! We were scheduled to meet them at the aquarium in Darling Harbor at 11:00am. At 10:45 the bottom fell out of the sky and poured rain for 30 minutes. Hundreds of tourists were wedged into the lobby of the aquarium to escape the driving rain, so Cheryl had to circle through the dripping wet, ‘soaked-to-the-skin’ crowds to locate her Uncle & cousin whom she hadn’t seen in 20 years – no easy task!! After a few passes through the swarms of people, she found them. After the rain eased, the four of us walked across the harbor to meet & talk with Helen, Katrina, & the kids. We all had lunch at McDonald’s and shortly after, it was time to say good-bye. Such a wonderful family and not nearly enough time with them! We’ve all promised to stay in touch.

Will it Rain Today??

...And it Came Down in Buckets!

Genuine, Australian Meat Pies!

Time To Bid Farewell To Our Favorite City

Sailboats Chasing Our Ship As We Depart...

Pilot Boat Says Farewell

...And We're Off To Tasmania!