Bridgetown, in southwestern Barbados, is the capital of the island, located on Carlisle Bay in the West Indies. It’s the country’s chief port & commercial center with exports of sugar, clothing, and electrical parts, with imports of machinery & transportation equipment. Sugar refining, rum production and tourism are also significant industries. Weather today was a beautiful 84 degrees – we docked at 8:00 (right on schedule) and met our tour group for the day at 8:15. We boarded a small catamaran for a ride out to a series of shipwrecks, put on our snorkel gear and jumped into the ocean which was a very nice 78 degrees. We spent the next couple of hours exploring these vessels which were all sunk several decades ago. Small tropical fish swarmed our bodies and we responded with several pieces of bread, which then drew an even larger crowd of their friends! We retreated to the beach – beautiful crystal white sand – relaxed in the sun & returned to the ship to shower before dinner. Next up - two sea days & the northern tip of Brazil.