We reached Antarctica on schedule and have been sailing here for all but the last 14 hours – we were stuck in a raging arctic storm and the Captain decided to wait until conditions improve. We just started to move slowly again as the snow has subsided & visibility has improved. The beauty is breathtaking – the majesty of the enormous, thunderous glaciers cannot be described. We have dozens of photos to share and will do so when we have better satellite reception. The temps are obviously well below freezing. Yesterday morning, I participated in the ships traditional Arctic Plunge – about 20 of us put on bathing suits and met at the upper deck open pool. The wind was blowing at 52 mph, snowing and -1 degree. My kids will be proud, though I must say it was dumbest thing I’ve ever done! Into the pool we jumped!! My body was totally numb – Cheryl was there with a towel, robe & hot coffee! I’m glad I did it – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank God I’m not a cat! Kids…you owe me!!

The Arctic Plunge! This is the OUTSIDE pool on the back deck and no, the water is not heated - it was snowing at the time with strong winds!