Hong Kong - Day 1

Please Note: I found land-based internet directly off the ship here in Hong Kong, and have uploaded several dozen photos from Manila & Puerto Princesa.

Our arrival in Hong Kong was once again this year overcast, but not nearly as cloudy as last year. We spent much of the morning walking the busy streets downtown and just absorbing the tone of the city - what an incredible place. By Noon, the mist burned away and reached a high of 72-degrees - quite a beautiful day! We decided to view the nightly laser show from the harbor this year, so we boarded a tour ferry at 7:00 for nearly 2 hours. The fog started rolling in shortly after the 13-minute show began, but wasn't nearly as obstructive as last year. It was a chilly evening, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


I will add much more commentary & photos tomorrow. It's nearly 6am - time to wake Cheryl, have breakfast, and begin another exciting day!   

The nightly light show was much more enjoyable this year! Last year it was raining, cold & I was just starting to come down with a chest infection.

Visiting Our First WalMart In China!

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