Hong Kong - Day 2

Up at 4:30am, I fill my coffee mug, pack the laptop, and venture a few hundred feet into the terminal building to connect to the Harbor City FREE internet. Unlike yesterday and after 30 minutes of frustration, I find there’s NO connectivity because apparently our passengers have been ‘stressing the system’ since arriving. A posted sign by the port authorities would have been nice, but so typical of the behavior here, it was up to me (or us) to figure it out. Yes, I’m aggravated, not just because of this incident but the general demeanor of the residents here – same as last year – amazing city, but discourteous, offensive behavior. More on that tomorrow.


I’m back on the ship now, paying again for slow satellite internet time. Accordingly, I can only share a few quick photos today.


A trip to Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without a trip to, where else?? Disneyland!! Cheryl and I had a GREAT time yesterday just being kids again. Disney has always touted itself for being the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ although the Chinese, even at Disney, can’t seem to muster a smile. With our visit here last year, I’ve since learned that it’s just part of their culture – eye contact is considered disrespectful, let alone a friendly smile. You just have to learn to put all that aside and have a good time, which is exactly what we did. So again, a few quick photos – I’ll post more once we reach Singapore in a few days and have access again (hopefully) to free, high-speed internet.

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