Singapore - Day 1

Our first visit to Singapore was 12 months ago and as we continue to visit new cities, we continue to rate this sprawling place as the absolute cleanest, best organized city anywhere in the world! Something as simple as chewing gum is prohibited, and you ask why? People throw their gum on sidewalks - it's unsightly and costs taxpayers & the government to remove it! You cannot buy gum in ANY store - candy racks are filled instead with mints of every shape, size & color. Crime? There is none - we would feel safe walking any street in Singapore at any time of day - the laws are so tough that would-be criminals simply go elsewhere. Can we learn from this??


It's about 8:30pm, March 18. We arrived here yesterday afternoon at 2:00 and disembarked immediately to do some casual shopping at the adjacent mall - just some fill-in toiletry items. Our evening tour left at 6:30 - a four hour venture dubbed a 'Night Safari' - a recently opened attraction featuring nocturnal animals. It was a long evening but very rewarding. I'll comment more on that plus our 14-hour city tour today (to include more photos) over the next couple of sea days. For now, I'll start you with some teasers below - we're exhausted and heading straight to bed. The ship is scheduled to sail at 11:00 tonight - I'm sure the Captain & crew can navigate the channel without us. Goodnight!