Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco, (pronounced "wah-tool-ko"), is a beach area made up of nine bays with 36 beaches. Located on the Pacific coast of the state of Oaxaca, 165 miles from the state capital of Oaxaca City, and 470 miles from Mexico City, this was the port where I caught my first Sailfish 5 years ago…and apparently my last! Having both been skunked in St. Lucia after several hours of fishing, we thought we’d give it one last try. Our last fishing trip here was so bountiful, we were actually passing up catching opportunities because our arms were so tired from cranking them in – we reached a point where we’d just pass the pole to someone else when there was a fish on the line – “Here…you take it!”

Before I tell you about the fishing, I’ll share with you that Huatulco stretches out over 22 miles of coastline between the Coyula & Copalito rivers. It’s really a beautiful port, set within a natural area with the Sierra Madre mountain chain forming a beautiful backdrop to the tourist development. The lush lowland jungle vegetation is particularly verdant in the rainy season, & its biodiversity and pristine landscapes make this place a favorite destination for nature lovers. The port itself didn’t open until 2003, and they tell us it now receives about 80 cruise ships each year. It’s very well-done. Clean, friendly, some good restaurants and decent shopping directly off the ship. Since there are nine different bays in the area, there’s a variety of beach experiences. Most have blue-green water and the sand ranges from golden to white. Some of the beaches have very gentle waves. Most of the development is centered around the bays. It was a very warm, humid day. Our decision to go fishing instead of wandering around was a good one – the sea breezes kept us pretty cool, with a little help from the cold beer!


So…the fishing.

Lousy Photo - Taken With iPad

There were only six of us from the ship. We drew numbers – Cheryl was the first person up, I drew #6. We hadn’t been out more than 10 minutes and Cheryl was in the fighting chair. She battled for a good 5 minutes. The fishing line that was ‘hit’ had multiple trailing hooks – we apparently went through a skool of Bonita’s because Cheryl had not one, but TWO fish on the line at the same time. The picture here is lousy, but I snapped it with my iPad and it’s the only one I have. She did a great job pulling these guys in – they gave her a good fight! We were actually fishing for big Marlin, but if this was an indication, it was going to be a successful day. Long story short, and after several hours, everyone caught fish except me. When it was #6 or my turn, we were nearly back at the marina. With the exception of Cheryl’s, the fish were all quite small. We had a big blue marlin following the boat for a few minutes, and it even played with the bait – but I guess it was just the wrong flavor! Overall, we had a great time – we’d much rather spend a day fishing than walking around a city, particularly on a hot day.

Hats off to Huatulco – a very nice, very clean & scenic destination.