San Diego

As we approached San Diego, the Corornado Bridge seemed to be reaching out welcoming us home. We sailed nearly 45,000 miles & visited over 30 countries & dependencies. We traversed the Panama Canal twice, crossed the equator five times, and prepared the ship for possible pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean. What an adventure - how very blessed & truly fortunate we are. While Antarctica was our highlight in 2012, South Africa & the safari ranks as our favorite this year. Both destinations & experiences are once in a lifetime. I plan to expand on both when I write our Final Installment, sometime before the end of July - and along with that, the many lessons I've learned over the past two years...some general, some very personal. Stay tuned...please. I have a lot I'd like to share with you.


We were docked by 7:30 on Thursday morning, May 16th. It took nearly two hours for local immigration officials to 'process' the ship before we were allowed to disembark. Meeting us at the pier was my dear sister, Judy, and her lovely daughter, Catherine. The four of us had brunch at nearby Anthony's, then it was a short trip to the airport at 1:00. Our flight to Phoenix was less than 1 hour, our cab ride home 30 minutes.


Home...there's truly no place like it. And as I reflect on the many foreign destinations & cultures over the past two years, I can say without hesitation, there's no place better than the USA. Despite our economic challenges and at times questionable government protocol, I wouldn't want to be any place other than under the protective & loving arms of lady liberty - we all have so very much to be thankful for. God bless America...